Hey guys and gals!

As you might have read, I plan on releasing 1K and 2K versions of Vanillaccurate to complement PiXXL 1K/2K packs. Those packs are AI upscaled because I didn’t want to re-create all blocks to those resolutions (Vanillaccurate being designed with 512x resolution from the ground up), because that’s what PiXXL is for.

Anyways the 1K/2K packs are HUGE, I mean 30GB+ huge. I don’t have enough storage to share those files, and I wonder if any of you would know about a good, ideally free or very cheap, file hoster that wouldn’t be too restrictive on bandwidth traffic.

I’m already using my own pCloud for paid stuff, MediaFire and MEGA for free stuff, but I’m out of disk space on those. I know MediaFire is not metered on free plans but I think MEGA is.

I’d like for those packs to reach as many people as possible without being constrained by storage limit, and without having people being forced to wait for a month because I’d have run out of traffic.

Don’t hesitate to throw ideas around, I’d be glad to hear any suggestion !

Take care !